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Why is the wife objecting to their daughters aged 24 and 22 dating and marrying Nigerian businessmen from home?Two sons in college are employed part-time and making good money which they spent foolishly on clothes and Nike shoes while the wife insists the boys should not contribute a dollar to the mounting household expenses, though they both live free and eat free at their father's expense.

The more we ponder the more we get confused and exasperated.Why don't we hear of Igbo women armed robbers and kidnappers operating in Amambra State?While men excel in the use of brute force, women on the other hand, excel in domains that lead to survival in the Twentieth Century and these traits include intelligence, physical and emotional health, sensory perception, sociability, and longevity.Women accuse men of harboring wickedness, and men counter that women are as wicked as the Serpent that deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. Do we support the men who scream: "We don't understand you women"?Or do we back the women who yell back: "Why don't you understand us when you married us and now can't live with us"?

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