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In her free time, she contributes as a facilitator, resource person and mentor with activist groups such as AIESEC, and the youth wings of Association of Muslim Professionals and MENDAKI.

Michelle Obama addresses a crowd of students during an event at the White House on Friday afternoon (October 21) in Washington D. The 52-year-old First Lady was joined by musicians Yolanda Adams and Michelle Williams for the event which was part of The Grammy Museum’s musical workshops series.

In summary, I would like to believe that every entity – corporate or not – is a living system with the innate wish to continue existing for as long as it possibly can.

In order to do so, it has to remain relevant by creating value for itself and the larger ecosystem in which it exists.

Enjoined by a shared purpose and empowered by mutual support, members of the process are energised and moved to something beyond themselves.

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The criteria for companies they had studied were: The companies which met these criteria were few.is once again the recognition and acknowledgement that an entity is a living system.A living system with an unlimited network of strengths, capable of unleashing its unprecedented potential for growth, development, and lasting, positive impact.Zafirah is a consultant with the Sequoia Group in Singapore, specialising in Organisation Development (OD), Leadership, Strategy and Sustainability research. s mission is to create organisations that are worthy of people? Together with the team, Zafirah has designed and facilitated OD interventions for clients such as the Economic Development Board of Singapore; the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports; People?s Association; Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd.

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