Xmlvalidatingreader schematype property

Move(%%1, path filename); else 16.移动目录下所有的文件夹到另一个目录下 /* using System. Get Path Root(%%2)) foreach (string dir in Directory. The Xml Writer class writes XML data to a stream, file, text reader, or string. To specify the set of features you want to enable on the XML writer, pass an Xml Writer Settings to the erload: System.

Close(); for (int i = 0; i 44.验证DTD /* using System. Last Index Of(“\”) 1); File Stream fsr1 = new File Stream(%%2 str File Name “1″, File Mode. Read); File Stream fsr2 = new File Stream(%%2 str File Name “2″, File Mode. Close(); File Stream fsw = new File Stream(%%2 str File Name, File Mode. To write the attribute value using multiple method calls. For example, the asynchronous equivalent of erload: System. Most of the Xml Writer methods have asynchronous counterparts that have "Async" at the end of their method names.

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