Wurlitzer piano dating

Upon Dave's and Art's request, Terry Hathaway became involved in proofing and offering technical comments for some of the book's text as it was being composed, text that greatly expanded upon any previous books and historical accountings.During this process Dave mentioned that he had access to some early Wurlitzer ledger information.These apparent inconsistencies make for the vexing question: What came before this ledger?Certainly Wurlitzer was keeping track of instruments sold prior to the end of 1905.In early 2009 Art Reblitz and David Bowers, both longtime friends, and both mechanical music collectors, enthusiasts, and students of mechanical music history, decided to collaborate on a new book project ().

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pages specific to Wurlitzer band organs, a copy of which was part of the Dick Howe collection of paper ephemera pertaining to automatic musical instruments.Terry Hathaway took up an immediate interest and the new Mechanical Music Press' Registry section was then in the process of being created, with the idea that it would soon to ready for launch.In the meantime Dave Bowers and Art Reblitz could devote their time to finishing up the new book, while Terry Hathaway set about creating a new Registry web section and began the laborious process of keying in any and all pertinent handwritten Wurlitzer ledger information--a long and tedious job at best.This general lack of information availability may be at least partially due to there having been no pressing reason or motive warranting anyone to go to the trouble and monetary expense of locating and then accurately capturing the surviving Wurlitzer ledger information in a way that made widespread public consumption feasible.This Registry page partially rectifies this former dearth of availability, but it came about in an unexpected albeit fortuitous way.

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