Window clients time is not updating in active directory domain

With the right users in hand–or rather, in shell–I could easily make the needed changes: You’ll notice a couple of things about this command.

I remember I had posted a while back Active Directory Objects and C# which is basically everything regarding AD Methods in terms of Users and Group management and if you see the codebase is a bit lengthy and you need a bit of understanding on setting and getting hex values thats why I ennumerated it.

Programs may use X's graphical abilities with no user interface.

Unlike most earlier display protocols, X was specifically designed to be used over network connections rather than on an integral or attached display device.

X provides the basic framework, or primitives, for building such GUI environments: drawing and moving windows on the display and interacting with a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen.

X does not mandate the user interface; individual client programs handle this.

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