Whos dating john cena

She then gushed, "I want him next to me my whole life.

I can't live without him."Brie Bella, who couldn't make it to Wrestle Mania this year because she's about to give birth, welcomed John to the family on Twitter after the proposal."Happy tears!!!!

The couple was eventually able to work things out privately, but the terms of their settlement were confidential.

So my mom, who lives in Massachusetts and never travels and hates it… It was perfect.” Cena: “A lot of that stuff is difficult because even the story in the buildup to Wrestle Mania was heavily based on our relationship.

And they probably caught it on camera but I said ‘holy [expletive], that’s my mom!

Which brings us to the second episode, which was on Wednesday night.

The proposal took place after the couple defeated The Miz and his wife Maryse during a tag team match.

John and Nikki have been together for about five years, and the couple's relationship has been well documented on , Nikki wished John would propose to her."You guys, John finally told me on our three-year anniversary that marriage doesn't bother him anymore, he wants to marry me, he wants to be married to me," Nikki told her friends.

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