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…and his Porche 911, going back and forth between the two.

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye say they’re only friends.

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I grew up watching Park Shin Hye in lots of dramas and also movies, all i can say is she's a decent actress. You two look so cute together especially at the party and you looked so lovely. nice film, doctors, it shows when there is a good teachers,there is a chance student will change for better , a wayward child to a doctor. I have been watching many of her dramas and the latest drama (Doctors) made her looks different from her usually character.. Your grandmother’s death must have changed your perspective on the important attitude of a good doctor. And I'm getting everybody in California to get a fan club just for you. Park Shin Hye, keep reminiscing over your past Running Man ep 120-121 with Lee Seung Gi & ep 166 with Kim Woo Bin & Choi Jin Hyuk. I can't wait for this drama to arrive,am getting so damn bored with that so-called Daebak drama and am patiently but not too patiently waiting for Doctors to light up my life:) Park Shin Hye, admire your charitable work, your constant endeavors & well-rounded lifestyle. I will always be your fan forever and all with you praying for you all the time.. Park, you are the most talented women that i have ever seen. Most of all, I enjoy every moment of the journey with you. Now, I can't wait to see you in your upcoming drama DOCTOR. I agree that she needs to take role with other older lead males (i.e So Ji Sub, Hyun Bin, etc) and in a longer drama series. What I guess I love the most is the true human characters in the stories. Park Shin Hye is the first actress who ever stole my heart in her acting.

magazine, “Self” China magazine, Lotte Duty Free magazine, Jambangee Summer magazine, Uweekly magazine, Couch Kimchi magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazines, Japan’s Hanako Magazine, J Style magazine, Bazaar Korea, Beauty magazine, 新 Monday magazine Hong Kong, My Wedding magazine, High Cut magazine…till my arms hurt. A lot of people say they dislike her because she always pursues the same sad watery-eyed bored character. Her new drama 'doctors' is really diffrent from the charecters that she performed before and she still nailed it. PSH got various talents.she is very good at it.can dance sing act.she got looks she got personality.for this new drama Doctor? I am your biggest fan from India..i so love u park shins hye.are the cutest girl in the world..i loved your work in Flower boy next door,heirs,you are beautiful,pinocchio and heartstring..i ship you with all your costars.can create chemistry with an costar..waiting for more n more dramas of you.do more romcom dramas.the best for your new drama "doctors" Your role in Doctors will surely be your most baddass role so far. (: I've been watching your old dramas just to see you act. Can't wait to see your upcoming drama & movie especially with my fav EXO D. Always and forever be your loyal fan (*Issy*) Love you so much unni **xo**xo** Like how Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) exclaimed “It’s really Hollywood! It may seem close but it’s actually far away, right? Guess our date on 20 June may seem “far away” but it’s getting closer & closer. I’ve seen it so many times and still get new things out of it. Do hope to see them collaborate again in another romantic drama soon. Park Shin Hye, while waiting for your upcoming drama "Doctors" & movie "Brother", I keep myself busy watching & reading about you in your past projects such as Mnet Asian Music Awards Hong Kong 2015, Some Guys Some Girls, SBS ep 6, Three Meals A Day Season 2 tv N ep 2-3 & 16-17, Hologram Mnet ep 1, SBS Drama Awards 2014, Bring You To The Stars Jiangsu TV Chinese Variety Show, Infinite Challenge MBC ep 374 & 383, 2 Days 1 night KBS2 ep 335 & season 3 ep 14, Top Gear Korea 4 XTM ep 10, Running Man SBS ep 120-121 &166, KPop Collection Okinawa 2012, Taxi Tv N ep 270, Stong Heart SBS ep 159-160, Music & Lyrics MBC Music ep 1-3, Melon Music Awards 2009 & 2011, Hallyu Dream Concert 2011, Day Day Up Hunan TV Chinese Variety Show, Win-Win KBS2 ep 13, Seoul Culture Art Awards 2010, Happy Together KBS2 ep 163, Sunday Sunday Night-Danbi MBC ep 11, SBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 SBS, Love Request KBS ep 582, Horror Mission 2008, Happy Together 19 July 2007 KBS2, Happy Sunday KBS2 ep 2, Fantastic Partner MBC 2007-2008, Inkigayo 2004 SBS, Nonstop 4 MBC ep 73 and the list goes on.... Park Shin Hye, feel so motivate to work out after watching you in 2016 Rapido “Surfing In The City” CF while wearing the comfy New Modern Retro or Run-up design sportswear. Thanks Park Shin Hye for accepting the cast in the Doctors with Kim Rae Won.....will be great to see you act again and pair with such a great actor...it has good script since it took so long for you to accept the role.... I love you, your dramas, and your movies always..honestly I've never been a fan of any actors in my life...now I'm a big..fan of you..... I read that you'll be making long comeback in a new drama soon. If i'm not mistaken,it will be a medical drama and that the title had already been announced a week ago but i just can't recall its title. I don't see anything wrong with this role) - Pinocchio, she was a high school girl only in 2 episodes out of 20 She was playing so call "childish" only in YAB, that's because the role was supposed to be. i love how straightforward choi in-ha was in that drama. However, as I watched your characters, I'm starting too see them too similar to each other. :) PSH is brilliant in Pinocchio as she was dramatic in Heirs. Guess you melt Lee Jong Suk's heart with this song. How do I get your approval and other necessary issues. # I like your movies and i think you are working hard. You are eleven years older were born on 18th Feb 1990 but i was born 12th Feb 2001. I feel like Park Shin-Hye plays nearly the same character over and over again. I don't think that she's such a great actress and I want her to prove to me that she is.

I admit Heirs was super bad LOL- i chose not to watch it. i really love it.i think a lots of viewers agreed.look at the rating ep 1 14.7% EP2 16.2% .. How in the world will anyone imagine Park Shin Hye doing some action stunts anyway? I hope through this new drama you can prove it to all of your haters especially the hardcore ones that you are able to play some challenging characters instead of sticking to the cliche naive girl roles. Doctors Hye Jung & Ji Hong, ready to stretch and jog with you. ctto Am a no.1 fan of park shin hye among all actress i know park shin hye is the most talent, pretty, most popular, good heart &prefect among all actress. @Hirok...will play with one of the actors on your list...... We too dreams of seeing you team up with these talented actors such as Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Rae Won, Lee Jun Ki, Song Joong Ki, Kang Dong Won, Lee Jin Wook, Joo Ji Hoon, Joo Won, Byun Yo Han, Kim Jae Wook and the list goes on... Forever be supporting you Unnie and please do take a very good care on your health ok;-) hmm..is the best..reason i watch K-drama is because of her..word cant describe how great she is..not because she is beautiful but also her smile damn...i cant wait to watch your new drama..fav drama is well i cant even pick one...i think all of ur K-drama is my most fav K-drama... Bear in mind, she is only 25 years old and has received so many awards that perhaps no other actress in their age has done so. and i think she is more suited for romantic comedy drama, or maybe i am just more fond of those kinds. Over the last few months I have found watching the Asian (Korean)TV series to be such a wonderful breath of fresh air as compared to the terrible movies and TV shows/series produced in the United States. 12 Months of Happiness, 52 Weeks of Fun, 365 Days of Success, 8,760 Hours of Good Health, 52,600 Minutes of Good Luck, 3,153,600 Seconds of Joy and many more Fruitful Years to come. I probably just suck at this but I thought In Ha is suppose to be a tsundere sassy mixed cute with a hint of pretty blunt and strong rather then adorable... We hope she and LMH will make another movie SOON!!! Park Shin-Hye beatifull talent special If I have seen in my life and wonder what it is you'll be! Honestly; I need to build my musical career and your the Korea lead I trust.

When Park Shin-Hye was in 6th grade at Hak-Kang Elementary School in Gwangju, she was advised to audition for pop singer Lee Seung-Hwan's music company "Dream Factory" by her English teacher at a private institute. It's really exciting, enjoyable and entertaining reading, seeing and watching more of you in all your work. You are my first korean artist to know that is not boring and you're genuine natural face without plastic surgery. I strongly believe that she's a natural beauty, I watched the Stairway to Heaven & Tree of Heaven she's pretty back then. You always strive for excellence by giving your 100% effort, for that you're an inspiration. She's the epitome of genuineness among a myriad of fake wannabes who are motivated by fame & money. honestly i dont think she acts that good but she is so cute that make you smile.

Consequently, Park Shin-Hye went to Seoul and auditioned for Dream Factory. Comment below, and make sure to check out Pinocchio. I have never been a fan of any of the actress before. I fell in love since I first saw her performance in drama. Love your unique and attractive poses in Vogue Taiwan magazine June edition, Marie Claire's magazine June Issue and In Style Korea magazine June 2017. You're strikingly captivating in Valentino Ultra Feminine Beautiful Gown with Giuseppe Zanotti Black Suede Lavinia Platform Scandals at the prestigious 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards 2017. You're my idol ranks first and the second Park Bo Young. She's the only Korean actress that I really love because of her versatility, she's an awesome actress, singer, dancer, model & endorser. I'm hoping that she'll have a project like Lara Croft Tomb Raider, i love her doing action drama just like the action scenes in Doctors. Shin Hye grew up before everyone's eyes so you know inside & out, her beauty & personality are true. i'll be wating for her next drama hoping another interesting one. saranghae ^_^ Jung Yong Hwa oppa and you eonnie are really meant for each other ^_^ wish you all the best ^_^ in "YOU'VE FALLEN FOR ME" your character is so nice same for oppa ^_^ good luck to all your activities ^_^ i'm always at your side ^_^ PSH appeared ni My GF is a Gumiho in Ep 6-3. PSH approached Tae Woong which she had a crush on i guess but Miho immediately lift Tae Woong's hand to show off their engagement ring..that's why PSH left...

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