Who is serinda swan dating

Swan has always worked very hard to achieve her goals in her life and is very good looking and sensuous.This young actress is surely going to run the industry if she works hard with lot of dedication like she works today. Today, she is among the most popular television actresses in Canada. I’m also taking Krav Maga [a hand-to-hand combat style used by Israeli special forces], so now I’m like, ‘Oh, this is how to defend yourself if someone’s trying to stab you! “I’m proud of my hands; they look like my grandma’s.In the year 2009, Swan began her big-screen acting with the rom-com The Break-Up Artist.In the mean time, Swan started to appear in the A&E television series, Breakout Kings as Erica Reed from 2011 to 2012.Just can exclusively reveal that Mehcad, 29, and Serinda, 25, co-star in the new indie horror ).The movie revolves around a group of family and friends who, en route to New Orleans, are sidetracked in the Louisiana bayou and encounter a monster named Lockjaw who is revered by the locals as a god.

Mehcad Brooks and his rumored girlfriend Serinda Swan share a romantic dinner at Po restaurant in New York City's West Village on Monday night (June 14).Other attendees included Chace Crawford, Zazie Beetz, Jessica Rothe, Britney Young, Whitney Port, Serinda Swan, Eiza Gonzalez, Madeline Brewer, Poppy Jamie, Sophie Simmons and Nick Simmons."Thanks for a fun excuse to get out of the house, @vanityfair x @instagram. ''' #datenight," Mandy wrote on her Instagram after the event.In the same way, she appeared as Zatanna Zatara in the television series Smallville.Similarly, she appeared in an episode of the season six TV series Supernatural as pagan god Veritas.

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