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As the lyrics above allude, Patterson only recently resolved some of the personal hardship he endured as a child. ' Growing up Pentecostal, you automatically come equipped with this God theory and these demands of what is supposed to be based on this creator that you never really quite know is real". Reconnecting with that child, it's like also regaining that fearlessness that children come equipped with."Patterson works out a whole history of travails in his songs, though instead of bitterness or anger, he exudes sensitivity, awareness, and a playful spirit that balances the weight of the lyrics."I was a pretty sad individual," Patterson shares, "very emotional, and was like, 'What the fuck is this shit? I'm impressed and heartened by how comfortably he opens up:"Traumatic things happen in your life as kids and more traumatic shit happens as adults. In the midst of his romantic frustration Patterson still entertains his listeners.Each song depicts a certain picture that is wholly unique from any other track."I think somewhere in me there's a director that knows how to piece it together and bring it to life," says Patterson, who co-produced the album.He wanted to get the true essence of the connection: Untainted Soul".Crouch and Patterson open the album with "Cloud 9", a song they wrote together, which symbolizes the dynamic of the working relationship that Crouch described.I got enticed and caught up in the world of show business and all of that shit while my other half was sitting over here waiting for me like, 'Hello? I sat in there and realized that was the wall that I had hit. I was trying to test and see if the concept of God was real -- Where is it? -- to see if what everybody was talking about was real. "Delirium (Comes and Goes)", for example, is a dandified romp that uses a slightly manic vocal loop as its main hook with interjections of trumpet and saxophone.

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It doesn't matter if Patterson is singing about panic attacks or his broken heart, the listener will come away with a memorable melody line and even a readymade ring tone.This presents an opportunity to discuss the notion of musical authenticity in soul music.Patterson defines soul as "raw, honest emotion, not contrived".If I had to sum him up in one word, I would call him 'uninhibited.'" Wines and Spirits is both a stunning example of the personal veracity in Patterson's music and a superior illustration of how soul music has evolved in the 21st Century.Some listeners seem genuinely surprised by the range of styles Patterson employs on this album, even though he's never limited his modes of recording to one source.

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