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The figure must be 'illustrious for their historic renown or for distinguished civic or military services.' Ten states chose to honor a figure who supported or fought for the Confederacy.The call from members of the Congressional Black Caucus to remove the statues comes in the wake of the riots in Charlottesville, where white nationalists traveled to protest the removal of a statue honoring Confederate General Robert E Lee.States are allowed to replace statues with approval from the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress. This new legislation would force 10 states to pick a new statue and South Carolina and Mississippi would have to chose two new statues entirely.It is likely the legislation will be met with opposition considering every state with a Confederate statue is majority Republican.Not that you should let a slightly unsavory reputation stop you from enjoying yourself so go on Heidi and wrap your lips around it!It was a new decade, and 1980 started off with a bang in the form of both natural and man-made disasters – including the eruption of Mount St. Ronald Reagan is elected towards the end of the year, the beginning of his almost decade-long reign as the leader of the free world. Centuries later, Earth has become “a world of savagery, super-science, and sorcery,” inhabited by various evildoers, scavengers, and magicians.

It’s just that for some reason those things have a slightly unwholesome reputation.It would have to be replaced along with Confederate Lieutenant General Joseph Wheeler (right), a gift from Alabama On Thursday, Pelosi echoed his sentiments in a statement, saying: 'The halls of Congress are the very heart of our democracy.The statues in the Capitol should embody our highest ideals as Americans, expressing who we are and who we aspire to be as a nation.''The Confederate statues in the halls of Congress have always been reprehensible.Currently, there are no African Americans represented in the collection.The concept of having states donate statues to represent them originated in 1857 before the completion of the House wing.

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