Who is diamond from crime mob dating

“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” rapper Diamond recently revealed some exciting news.

It can go good or it can go bad, and I just choose not to gamble with my career like that, you know." "Actually I prayed about it 'cause I was going back and forth about it, and something just didn't sit right for me to go down that particular path right now.I'm not saying that I won't do reality television somewhere down the line, but as of now, I just feel like my music is my foundation, and that's what people want to hear from me. You know I had two meetings that I took with the network, and that was it." ON "LOVE & HIP-HOP" EXECUTIVE PRODUCER MONA SCOTT-YOUNG BEING UPSET WITH HER FOR DECIDING TO NOT DO THE SHOW: "That is funny.Me and my life through my music, not reality television." ON WHETHER SHE RECORDED ANY EPISODES FOR THE SHOW: "No, I actually took about, I think two meetings, and that was really it." ON THE RUMOR THAT SHE QUIT THE SHOW AFTER GOING INTO THE BATHROOM TO PRAY WHILE FILMING AN EPISODE: "Uh uh, that's hilarious! No, I'm the type of person that's all or nothing, so if I were to sign up for it... I don't know, like, I know the network really wanted me, so they probably could be disappointed 'cause I decided to pull out.Well, you probably remember Lil Scrappy’s mother’s antics over Scrappy’s songs – not surprisingly, Scrappy’s mother calls into a local Atlanta radio station to discuss the pictures of Diamond and Soulja Boy from an event over the weekend.To Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 Lil Scrappy’s mother tells the Dirty Boyz: Okay, the b*tch done got breast implants and booty shots, the b*tch ain’t real first of all.

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