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I don't know about everyone else here, but for me most of what they post over there isn't worthy of discussion.So I guess what you have to ask yourself is, do you want quantity or quality on this board?It's just my take..., which is due to be released straight to DVD sometime before the end of the year, probably around Halloween.It has been rated R for strong bloody sadistic violence and torture, sexuality/nudity and pervasive language. Insomniac - there may be another red flag on "Hostel III" - direct to video - of course that's a double edged sword so you're right, we will wait and see - thanks for the heads up.

Jane: Your posts continue to be a joy to read --- and a real turn on.I like bondage and women with old fashion hair on their pussy, so what. I actually found out about you guys through another site (forgot which, Pulp Toons maybe) when I saw one of my very own pics as a picture of the day (archived at the time).Not many places you can go and talk about these issues. I too have been guilty of lurking in the shadows of the GIMP (for a couple of months). I mostly upload to Renderotica or the Dark Spot (as I have these), although I haven't done either in a while.Let's face it, some of those places seem to attract semi-literate and often scary commenters.I fully understand how frustrating it must be to see the number of hits relative to the number of contributors, but it is hard for me to get too upset when I consider how unique our forum really is with respect to the respect that we have for the artists and the level of intelligence and thoughtfulness that is expressed by contributors. If there are more former lurkers out there like Nia, please step forward.

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