Wesley jonathan and denyce lawton still dating

Other projects she was involved in include modelling for Adidas and FUBU.

Other projects she was a part of include “The Dempsey Sisters” which she also co-produced, and she was also part of “Frat Brothers”, “Jump”, and “Act Like You Love Me”.

On Friday morning (January 5, ) the Sun-Times reported the sating actor Wesley Jonathan and his girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings. Cheating In Relationships: Jonathan Talks Cheating In Relationships (Denyce Lawton Girlfriend Confidential) Ex wesley jonathan dating Cheated” [Video].

Denise-Marie Lawton was born on , in Seoul, South Korea, of African American descent, and is an actress known for her appearances in various television shows, including “Numb3rs”, and “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” during a career which still spans less than 20 years.

There were nasty rumors spreading about Denyce Lawton recently.

She was rumored to be into relationship with married man and was allegedly expecting a baby from one of them, because she wanted to have the money that the father of the child is supposed to pay for child care.

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