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The first successful and legal paper was launched on March 15, 1922, as a broadsheet named The Worker.During the 1930s, the paper was renamed The Clarion.But there was no all-Canada, English-speaking left-wing press until the Communist Party of Canada was founded in 1921, and its leaders decided to publish a newspaper. It was an underground publication that was harassed by the police.The paper never got off the ground and closed after only a few issues.When the paper grew from a weekly into a daily on May 1, 1936, it was renamed as The Daily Clarion, and remained so until June 17, 1939.

It claims "we've got the news the corporate media won't print." Progressive, socialist and trade union newspapers have a long history in Canada, going back to the 19th century."The Trib", as it was known to supporters and detractors, became a standard voice of the left over several decades.It maintained a base of subscriptions in Canada and internationally that reached wider than the membership of the Communist Party of Canada.The paper's editorial line reflects the viewpoints of the Communist Party of Canada, although it also runs articles by other left-wing voices.Established in 1993 under this name, the paper and online service have a history of ancestral publications dating to the early 1920s, when the first paper of this line was founded by the new Communist Party of Canada.

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