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Machines from this era are historically significant. For the moment, let's return to our very brief but now expanded history of the talking machine industry. In the 1890s experimentation revives in recorded sound.I think these people are dealers who cannot find a good original example to sell you. Mind you, I have no problem with necessities such as reproduction cranks or rubber flanges for reproducers.But the hobby has reached the point where almost entire machines can be assembled from reproduction parts.If you're an established collector, then this article isn't for you: stop right here and proceed to the Noteworthy News archives, or some other portion of the site. And to do that I have to expose you to a little more talking machine industry history, as well as the history of phonograph collecting in the last 30 years. Early machines are "nice," in the special way that collectors toss off that word. Talking machines swing into mass production and are embraced by the masses.You already have your own opinion on what to collect, and I'm not interested in challenging it. Let's break down our very short history of the talking machine industry into three very short segments. Edison beats the company that becomes Victor to market by a few years, but by around 1902 the Big Three of Edison, Victor and Columbia Graphophone dominate .This is a companion piece to the Antique Phonograph FAQ. I'm not going to tell you what your antique phonograph or Victrola is worth. They are usually beautifully done, often very scarce or one-of-a-kind.

There's one other kind of reproduction I need to warn you about: the machines coming out of reproduction antique Victrola factories in the near east. Then with the logic of an existential playwright I will explain why this thesis is meaningless. The phonograph languishes as a novelty while Edison toys with big endeavors, such as the electrification of New York City. In a little while I'm going to propose to you that the value of an antique phonograph or Victrola is determined by its scarcity, its popularity, and its condition. (If he didn't someone else would have done it -- probably Chicester Bell).Frequently Asked Questions about Antique Radios And Phonographs.This FAQ about Antique Radios And Phonographs was compiled and written by Hank van Cleef [email protected] with numerous contributions by others.

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