Validating marketing research

Agent-based modelers in the field of marketing research have paid little attention to validation issues.This paper provides a definition of validation relevant for this community of modelers.

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For instance, if a marketer is purchasing a research report from a company claiming to measure how people prefer the marketer’s products over competitors’ products, the marketer should understand how the data was gathered to help determine if the research really captures the information the way the research company says it does.

In particular, many research mistakes occur due to problems associated with research validity and research reliability.

This problem with data gathering represents several concepts that to the non-researcher may be quite complex.

The authors acknowledge the support of Northeastern University's Institute for Global Innovation Management for this research.

They also wish to thank the participants of the Agent-based Models of Market Dynamics and Consumer Behavior Symposium 2006 at the University of Surrey, Guilford, as well as Walter Mc Manus and Colette Friedrich for their comments on earlier versions of this paper.

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