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Granted I had to have subsampling and textures at medium, low shadows etc, but I had a playable 35fps on average.

After the TG update, this dropped to 20 fps at best..then I installed the n Vidia web drivers, and was back getting 35fps average, sometimes as much as 50! Just out of curiosity more than anything, I installed windows 10 via bootcamp. Colour me surprised when I can run it with ALL details on full, including subsampling high, and still get 40 - 50fps!

Link to Open GL support by Mac model have their own release for certain Mac GPUs - this is the current driver as of December 2015 However, they are predominantly for the Quadro series of aftermarket cards rather than default cards supplied by Apple.

There is also support for some cards which have been legacied by Apple - namely the Ge Force 680, 285, 120 & 8800 There is mention of beta support for some recent mobile cards, presumably as Apple are dropping legacy support on these in favour of AMD in the current lineup.

If you don't, you might see the message "press any key" or your Mac might not start up from Windows during installation.

I don't know how to update Nvidia graphic card drivers on Mac Book Pro Retina.

Besides the drivers that Apple bundles with OS X updates, Nvidia also provides their own driver updates for their Ge Force cards — yes, even the "mobile" cards that Apple puts in Macs.

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You'll also be able to update the driver from there.Please Zenimax, can you do some work on the mac client?If your copy of Windows came as an installation DVD, you need to create an ISO image from this media to install Windows using Boot Camp.So from that I can assume either the n Vidia mac drives suck, the ESO client on mac needs more work, or OSX is a huge resource drain.As the performance got steadiliy worse patch after patch, I'm leaning towards the ESO client itself.

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