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The solution is to find another firmware that covers your brand of discs or to change to another brand of discs that are already covered in your firmware.

You can also find a list of error codes in this page from CD Speed. Problem: You are trying to bookmark/use bitsetting on a -R/-RW disc or your burner don't support this feature.

In some cases, the firmware is unable to produce reliable burning with a particular disc brand, and rejects the disc as having a "power calibration error" or "illegal disc" or a similar error.

This error is generally not related to disc quality issues, but is simply a result of the drive not having the latest firmware in it that lists the particular disc brand.

From time to time, drive makers test additional brands of DVD discs and then update their firmware with new write strategies for those newly tested discs, enabling their drives to work with more brands of DVD discs.

All DVD writer owners need to frequently check with their drive manufacturer to see if there is a new firmware upgrade available for their drive.

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