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E Notes: Rejection of project proposals Proposal: Build on existing Institute research into implants/cybernetics to augment human capabilities and lifespan. L Historical Text: The History of the Commonwealth ACCESS LOG Access: Local. Stage 3: With the intelligence gathered in Stage 2, create a synth replica of Roger Warwick and embed the unit on-site at Warwick Homestead to oversee the operation directly. The metrics demonstrate that we have improved our efficiency across the board.If this were any other situation, I would not have second thoughts about going straight to the Director, but given the circumstances, I shall simply wait it out. This is why we don't allow outsiders into the Institute. - In all, six synth handlers have been destroyed by gorilla attacks. He declined to specify why he wanted the tests run to begin with. Notes: I have officially assumed the lead role on the project after Dr. Latest round of subjects show results similar to previous test runs over last 5 years. Synthetic organics continue to perform well; the necessity of further tests is unexplained. I cannot impress upon this division enough the need to resolve these issues quickly and completely. M] Group Ident: G1486 Assigned Units: R7-81, T3-54, B8-88, J1-74 Location: Site Alpha Elapsed Time: 1 Last Report: NOTES: Unit B8-88 removed, unit T3-54 added. Login: ----- Notes: ERROR: RECORD DELETED UNIT ID: C2-41 Status: Unit at large, investigation underway Assigned Courser: X2-36 Location: (Last sighting) Goodneighbor Notes: No recent sightings, unit believed to be in Railroad custody. UNIT ID: S9-43 Status: Unit at large, investigation suspended (see notes) Assigned Courser: None Location: (Last sighting) Boston Airport Notes: Investigation suspended, area deemed too hazardous at this time.Assuming the identity of Diamond City's mayor has provided us with invaluable intelligence over the years, but suspicions have only continued to mount.This latest incident - the publication of that newspaper article specifically calling Mc Donough's humanity into question - might just be the tipping point.Father has approved the next phase of my proposed synth zoology initiative, and I'm already in the process of setting up a schedule for the initial prototyping phase. ACIDIC BATCH ID: 166 // PHV 6.883 NEUTRAL BATCH ID: 242 // PHV 6.093 MOD. From here on in, I strongly prefer all official Institute records and correspondences use the term synth or synths. Other units scheduled and ready to fill in for the duration of the upgrade." [ABinet] PROJECT IDENT 3846106734 Status: Approved, awaiting implementation. A Notes: Routine diagnostic on Courser designate X6-88, all functions nominal Access: Local. A Notes: Updated Production Schedule Access: Remote. Login: X6-88 Operation: Update case file 66764-B (Reclamation successful, file closed) Access: Local. J Operation: Review and update target tracking database Access: Local. J Operation: Review and approve revised Courser training procedures ACCESS LOG Access: Local. A Operation: Update Courser maintenance records Access: Local. J Operation: Entered supply requisition form (small arms ammunition) Access: Local.

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M Notes: Review of Phase Three project status Access: Local. M Notes: update diagnostic tools for child synth project Access: Remote. Facilities has nothing; they simply refer me to the Director. If he worries that having me build a synth that's supposed to approximate him as a child might give me some unintended insights into his character? Samples have been collected; with work from a dedicated research team said weapons could be improved upon dramatically. M Notes: Something to consider, after Phase Three is complete Dr. It's creepy, and I can't help but wonder if she's getting a little too attached. I don't know how to get through to that man at all. The degree to which people appear to ignore the rules which have been put in place to keep us all safe is incredibly disappointing. I mean, sure, they have the capacity to experience taste. Good thing it's physically impossible for a Gen 3 to actually gain weight and succumb to obesity. Humanity's most impressive technological achievement - laid low by junk food. - A total of 16 incidents of heightened aggression have been documented. Zimmer directly, as he had ordered the tests personally. Have entered formal complaint with Directorate; these tests are not bringing in any valuable information. Until then, I ask that you please keep the need for conservation foremost in your thoughts.

Now she's gone, and has taken who knows how many secrets to the Brotherhood. - As for what triggers these behavioral changes, I speculate that it's a reaction to perceived conflict. I Category Added: Behavioral Anomaly Report Access: Local. Such faith in the implants, and what they could mean. Time and again, we've corrected flaws only to see them return. A] Group Ident: G2024 Assigned Units: C8-65 Location: Site Alpha Elapsed Time: Last Report: NOTES: Units H7-44, B6-21, K0-84 recalled. UNIT ID: B5-92 Status: Unit located, reclamation scheduled Assigned Courser: X6-88 Location: Libertalia Raider stronghold Notes: Unit B5-92 has been mem-wiped by Railroad agents.

I've scrubbed her terminal for any sign of data removal; there's nothing apparent but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Several attacks followed heated arguments that took place within earshot of the pen. Login: K3-19 Maintenance: replaced cooling unit Access: Local. C Message Transmit/Primary Director's Terminal Message Subject: "SZI Phase 2" Now that our guest of honor is here, I want to remind everyone to be polite, accommodating and welcoming. I still regret eliminating that project, but I know where it would have led us. Post-submersion results: Physical condition consistent with standard results. Post-submersion results: Inconclusive Subject Status: TERMINATED Note: Subject unintentionally terminated during Incident V. I find myself questioning whether we're thoroughly testing these fixes before moving on to the next item. [ERROR, NO DATA PRESENT] Group Ident: G1672 Assigned Units: G6-43, M9-11, L7-92, W4-40, Q2-87 Location: Site Delta Elapsed Time: 1 Last Report: NOTES: Not getting as much as we were hoping for here. New identity is "Gabriel." Unit now leads Raider gang based at Libertalia.

- Failing that, I recommend that all contact with the gorillas be limited to synth units only. Let's embrace this exciting event and make the best first impression we possibly can. C Category Update: Department Notices Access: Local. I Accessed Departmental Notices July 16, 2285 Kellogg's occasional presence continues to unnerve the others. But as I've continued to witness their reactions, gauge their sidelong glances, I've detected something else, something I probably should have anticipated - jealousy. Any disruption to your work must be taken seriously, especially at this critical time. " [Identified rare looping issue in speech subroutines, corrected and patched] Group Ident: G3376 Assigned Units: P1-77, J8-32, F5-93, N5-48, K6-70 Location: Site Epsilon Elapsed Time: Last Report: NOTES: ALERT: Raider attack, 1 unit abducted. UNIT ID: K8-23 Status: Destroyed Assigned Courser: X3-51 Location: Remains located NE of Saugus Ironworks Notes: Unit's remains discovered near Saugus Ironworks and returned to Robotics division.

Bio Science personnel should not be permitted to come into contact. - Director Holdren When we first implemented the new power efficiency guidelines, I was proud at how well we were able to meet those standards with only a minimal impact on our productivity. At first, I thought they were merely intimidated by his confidence and arrogance. Kellogg is a living memorial to a forgotten program. Kellogg is a living testament to the ingenuity and superiority of the Institute. I will have learned valuable things about myself, my past, either way. However, I must also ask for a measure of patience and cooperation from all of you. Unit destroyed by multiple gunshot wounds, suspect Raiders based out of Saugus Ironworks.

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