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Depending on what kind of setup you choose, different files will be set up for you.

In particular, having your locale not set to a UTF-8 locale will cause issues with building and uploading your build.

To add those platforms to the bundle, run = 0) will be unused by any of the platforms Bundler is installing for.

Bundler is installing for ruby but the dependency is only for x86-mswin32, x86-mingw32, java.

updating gem-42updating gem-90updating gem-30

When I ran into these problems, I didn’t know there was an easy answer. These were all situations where you can solve the problem by yourself, but it’d be repetitive and annoying.

The Ruby Gems package provider attempts to use the Ruby Gems API to install gems without spawning a new process, whenever possible.

A gems command to install will be spawned under the following conditions: resource, it is preferable to provide the install options as a hash.

But the last time I set up my machine, I decided to try going without it.

You don’t need Gemsets when you have Bundler, and you can use Homebrew to keep Ruby up to date. And takes a gem, and resets it to the version you originally downloaded. (This is also helpful if you decided to edit a gem while debugging, and forgot to change it back.) But in that last section, there’s still a problem. You want the newest version of 4.0, with all the minor updates.

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