Updating flack vests

A/N: I promised that it wouldn't be that long before I followed up (because that's too mean). I thank you all so much for coming along with me on this story, and for waiting patiently between really long periods of not updating this story (and still coming back to it when I did). I hope you all enjoy this chapter, and I hope you all find it to be a satisfying end to the story. :)Chapter Fourteen The monitors weren't beeping, and he found the silence oddly comforting, if for no other reason than it meant that his partner was still alive.There wasn't meant to be any audio from them, unless there was a real problem.After all, I was a writer by profession and a recreational rider by avocation...not combine the two?In those days (and now, too) anyone in search of intelligent feedback on any horse-book idea could do no to ask Bill Steinkraus, the United States Equestrian Team mainstay and all-around polymath.

The good news was that he found the concept eminently viable.The dull light coming from the machines were the only lights in the room, shrouding the cluttered space in nearly hazy darkness.But, light wasn't necessary right now, because there wasn't much to see. Which means that his partner took bullets meant for him… He shifted in the uncomfortable visitor's chair, watching the rise and fall of his partner's chest.Gail and Werner Rentsch were and are, respectively, a publices have arisen. Nothing succeeds like success, and convincing the publisher that "The Catalog" needed substantial updating that went far beyond the cosmetic changes we had made in previous editions was less of a chore than anticipated.The extent to which we were allowed to make changes, however, took a bit of negotiating.

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