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Presented in 1983 in the Ph D dissertation of Insup Lee, DYMOS was a fully integrated system that had access to an interactive user interface, a compiler and runtime for a Modula variant, and source code.This enabled DYMOS to type-check updates against the existing program.In contrast, Ekiden can update a program to any other program capable of being executed, even one written in a different programming language.Systems designers can extract valuable performance or safety assurances by limiting the scope of updates.

The earliest true Dynamic Software Updating system is DYMOS (Dynamic Modification System).Some DSU systems require neither static analysis nor specialty compilers.Programs that are updated by a DSU system are referred to as target programs.DSU systems, as tools, can also be evaluated on their ease-of-use and clarity to developers.Many DSU systems, such as Ginseng, require programs to pass various static analyses.

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