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$ sudo dpkg -s tzdata Package: tzdata Status: install ok installed Priority: required Section: libs Installed-Size: 5728 Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers Architecture: all Version: 2007b-0ubuntu0.6.10 Replaces: libc0.1, libc0.3, libc6, libc6.1, locales Description: Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data This package contains data that represent the history of local time for many representative locations around the globe.

So it appears the daylight savings transition works ok if the laptop is running while the transition happens, but not if the laptop is suspended, hibernated or powered off?

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My system clock is supposed to be set to local time (UTC=no in /etc/defaults/rc S).

At am local time this morning, I ran "date" and got Tue Mar 13 EDT 2007 Note that it says "EDT". I am running ntpd on this machine, and the servers are (from ntp.conf): server 0org server 1org server 2org EST last night.

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