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I also think it would work well with my dimsun dimmers, being able to control the lights remotely.

Other options When searching for solutions, some projects show up which claim that “the iphone controls my RC car/my garagedoor” etc, but actually the iphone is communicating with a pc which then again communicates with an arduino.

Maybe sometime soon it will be possible to access the serialport on the iphone without jailbreaking it.

In the openframeworks forum a new serial adapter for the iphone was mentioned.

Basically, you need a jailbroken phone to do anything.There are two sites that kept showing up when I looked at solutions for accessing the serial port.One solution described on ohscope, uses the mobile terminal app available from Cydia, in combination with a serial comunication program called minicom.This works fine with the standard xbee, as it draws around 40m A.It would also work fine with a 3.3v based arduino, and also probably with the FIO (not sure how much current the combination of the xbee and atmega chip draws).

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