Top christian books for dating couples

My FI went to the Christian book store today to look for some good devotional books for us to start. We've been getting really busy lately and would like to find time to get closer to God and to each other as it seems we are drifting farther and farther with all of the daily stresses. They are all great reads, and are in no particular order.I know what you're thinking, "How weird and can tell me who the 'right one' is for me." While that is true, this book focuses on how to prepare your heart to be open and willing for God to bring Mr. It's for people who are single and waiting for their future spouse, or for the couple who is contemplating marriage but wants to give their relationship to God and let Him lead.Here's a list of wonderful books that are sure to help young women take a step back and engage in a time of reflection and prayer.Some are about embracing a time of singleness, recovering from a breakup or putting God first in your relationship.He began researching God's example of love from "Song of Solomon" and intertwined the two perspectives to offer a fresh perspective on romantic love.Through attraction, dating, marriage, arguments and sorrow, Matt explores all perspectives of a Godly relationship seeking to honor Him.

We are commonly known to put others before ourselves, often neglecting to engage in self-care practices to ensure we are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

They acknowledge that women often feel they are too much, but never enough. This book was just released on May 3, and I have been to three bookstores and still can't find it! God's Word is the most important, truthful book you will ever read.

No matter what you need advice about, what question you have, or what situation may come up in your life, God has the answer to speak straight to your soul. You are his child, a daughter of the King, When you read any of these books, ask God to open your heart and use this text to speak his truth into your life.

What I love about this book is that it offers both the female and male perspective to waiting to find your spouse.

They address a variety of topics from singleness, dating the wrong person and honor God within your marriage.

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