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Paul Giem writes that, "since nitrogen creates carbon-14 from neutrons 110,000 times more easily than does carbon," samples with even tiny amounts of nitrogen would dramatically increase carbon dates, such that, "If neutron capture is a significant source of carbon-14 in a given sample, radiocarbon dates should vary wildly with the nitrogen content of the sample." Giem adds, "I know of no such data.": Recognizing that crustal radioactivity is generally relatively scare (as documented in this U. Therefore, there would have to be thousands of times more uranium, thorium, etc.

Elevated levels of the isotope Ruthenium-106 were reported, which experts now believe first emerged from the southern Ural mountains in Russia Ruthenium is part of the platinum group of metals.

It is a hard, silvery-white metal with a shiny surface.

* Three Related Lines of Evidence Shoring Up the Young Earth Interpretation: The interaction between dinosaur soft tissue, unracemized left-handed amino acids, and Carbon 14 must all be explained to understand the true age of the geologic column.

(1) Significant amounts of short-lived 14c, in quantities far above the least count (margin of error) of our state-of-the-art equipment, is measured in diamonds, dinosaur fossils, marble, giant extinct aquatic lizard, natural gas, coal (and see this paper at Science Direct), and reportedly in oil.

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