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He posted: Game with Mona Scott Young creator of Love & Hip Hop TV Series. Ever since the game changed and record companies pulled the plug on rap ?

Now, there are a few interesting things about The Game possibly joining Love & Hip Hop LA.

Tiffney ponders giving Jayceon a clean start or possibly finding another man.

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Taylor’s attorney, Jack Cummins, tells The Associated Press that they are exploring legal options and anticipates they will appeal.Second, The Game is no longer with his fiancée Tiffney Cambridge, which could be the reason his show could be coming to an end.Tiffney Cambridge, was the girlfriend and fiancee of rapper The Game, together they have two younger children.Tired of picking the wrong women, in “She’s Got Game,” Taylor turns to his celebrity friends to see who can help him most when it comes to matters of the heart.Each celebrity will select a young woman to accompany Game on his national tour.

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