Teen dating guidelines

Teens are quick to jump to the defense, get angry, or argue as soon as you start talking. The more you talk to your teen, the more willing they will be to really communicate with you.Once they start dating, its extremely important that they feel they can come to you with questions and concerns.You as a concerned parent deserve to know where your teen is at all times and who they are with.Many parents will ask several times in order to make sure that they get the same story each time.

Teens often lash out because they dont understand everything clearly.

Once your child has proven that they are willing to follow set rules, you can start to offer them more freedom.

The key is to tighten things back up the first time they fail to meet expectations.

While you do have to offer trust to your teen in order for them to become capable adults, its important that they realize that trust must be earned.

Its often a good idea to start out with strict rules that can be negotiated, altered, or loosened as time goes by.

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