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As of (EST) 4/22 my game is still not working right and I have NO MODS OR CUSTOM CONTENT installed.

Dear EA Customer, Thank you for contacting EA Customer Experience.

I spent a hour and a half with him where after running a msconfig and unclicking some stuff from start up I needed to reboot. He wasn’t helpful I felt and slow; he also wanted me to DL a 3rd party CCleaner but I already have one.

The next guy had a more American name so perhaps I treated him better – definitely better than the 3rd guy.

2- Press the windows button and R type in dxdiag click on ‘Display’ and then Save all information 3- Press again the windows button and R. Doing these three steps BEFORE talking to a rep should save you time.

You will probably need to zip the CBC file saved from your sfc scan; supplying these three things will help expedite your query..

The creator also provides live updates, including his current status and where the game is development-wise, on the sim's Tumblr account.The game's description asks the important questions: "What if instead of a team based multiplayer shooter, is an incredibly popular online action game and even being 10 years old, with the original franchise over 21 years of age, it consistently is met with new updates for all nine classes to enjoy.With hilarious personalities found in-game - it's easy to see how fan imagination could just run with it.a decade old - the online FPS still houses an impressive amount of concurrent players.We don't like to just impress though - we like to make things weird so it should be no surprise that there is an actual This entirely fan-made project is not new, but where else to share those hilarious internet finds?

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