Sweet d is dating a retard

10 rejections are bad enough, getting 1 yes out of 100 no's? So, screw dating, I'm a retard at it, I don't understand how flirting and attraction works, fuck it.

I'd say I'd go for unattractive girls, but I can't force myself to like them (I've tried) and girls generally see me as nice looking before they get to know me I guess, that or I'm just a hideous genetic mistake that should be washed out of the gene pool.Why should I go out there and meet people if I'll just get rejected?Ladies, knowing that girls are usually more emotional than men, why don't you see it from our point of view, guys are told "go out there, sure, you'll probably be rejected a hundred times before a single yes, but that makes all the difference", that's insane, who could have confidence after that, if that happened to you would you be so happy and positive?It’s another thing if he’s bringing you down, manipulating you or trying to control you.Unfortunately, many victims of emotional abuse do not want to admit that it’s happening to them.

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