Stories dating after 50

Then I had her lay back and let me fuck her for good measure.One warm night, my boyfriend had just left on business, I was sitting in my apartment missing him.

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He pulled his dick out and let her suck it clean and I untied her so she could get at it better. As she sucked he held her head and came again, this time in her mouth so she could get a better taste.He took his place and put his 10" dick in her and she came as he teased her by running only a part of his massive dick in and out of her.Finally she begged for it all to be put in her and he did.It was the best fuck of my entire life and I pray that my air conditioning breaks again so I could experience another pleasure like that.I was having an affair with this woman I thought was really cool until one day she dropped hints that she might call my wife and tell all.

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