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Package determine which weather pattern is from west to east and then finally returned to us tom pelphrey and stephanie gatschet dating settle down and get into groove on dance.

When the episode kicked off, Maggie, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) scrambled to get their dinner party together, which all three roomies had forgotten about — though that was hardly the biggest crisis among the MDs, as the night approached, starting with Maggie’s morning, which was awakened with the realization that she drunkenly slept with Andrew — a lot.

Back at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, Stephanie was working under Amelia on a case that proved to touch too close to home for Dr. While rehabilitating a patient who’s had brain trauma and has trouble moving her body, Stephanie broke down, disclosing her painful childhood: as a young girl, she was put through a sickle cell clinical trial for years, which forever tainted her.

When she had to force the brain-damaged patient to move through unbearable pain, her own memories rushed back.

One of the early steps in making sense of the story for me was figuring out, what is it about this patient? I really do think it’s something about the physical pain of this woman. At that moment, that was all I really wanted to know.

She’s being forced to push this women through such physical pain, and that’s the trigger for her and her childhood — that connects to what she went through as a child with the sickle cell trial and the traumatic things they’d do to her [like] being strapped to a table, being pricked with needles. You actually pitched Stephanie’s backstory because your own cousin went through a traumatic sickle cell trial when she was a child, which really affected you. How was the pitch process for such a personal event? I was just eager to have a backstory for Stephanie, and I really wanted one that I could connect to.

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