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According to the 1841 census, she was ‘from Hayes’, Middlesex, though I have not as yet been able to find a definite record of either her baptism or her marriage.

All the children are baptised by the vicar, The Reverend T. 2nd July: ESTHER WEATHERLY is baptised in the same church. Her name appears two entries below that of her future husband in the parish register. 1841 Census Records: The Census was taken on the night of 6 ROBERT WRIGHT is 65. Now there are brickfields for the building of London’s increasing urban sprawl. She is a FEMALE SERVANT at the RECTORY HOUSE BOARDING SCHOOL for girls, which is presided over by The Rev. Her brother WILLIAM, aged 15, is recorded as a Male Servant. To date, they have four children: THOMAS, a scholar (b.1844), MARY, a scholar (b. Marylebone, and GEORGE WRIGHT (b.1840), a grandson, now aged 11. 1861 Census Records: The Census was taken on the night of 7 April, 1861.

ESTHER WRIGHT is listed as a ‘Lunatic’ at Middlesex County Asylum. On admission, her malady is described as ‘Mania, chronic. It contains fourteen houses, seven on each side of the avenue, which is seventy yards in length and twenty-five feet in width. 1914 28th July: THE FIRST WORLD WAR BEGINS – exactly a month after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria’s assassination in Sarajevo. 14th December: MARJORIE ISABEL JOAN WRIGHT (known always as Joan Wright) is born.

Moorcroft lunatic asylum is in Gould-Green; and, at the census, had 61 inmates. 1710 12th May: At the church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon – a burial: WOOBURN 5th July: The marriage of a WILLIAM and ANN WRIGHT. (There are several Wrights to be found in Buckinghamshire throughout the available records.) 1774 MIDDLESEX FINCHLEY 8th August: WILLIAM WRIGHT marries ANN BROWN.1828 11th October: MARY WRIGHT (b.1809) daughter of Robert and Mary, marries HENRY BAYLIS (b.1800) in the parish church of Hanwell, Middlesex. 1837 7th May: Burial of ESTHER’s father, GEORGE WEATHERLY in the churchyard of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. They are married in St Mary’s, the Parish Church, Hayes, Middlesex, by the Rev. 21st December: Ann Broadway makes her mark and registers MARY WRIGHT’s death with the Registrar, Francis Stockwell. The registrar is a Mr Francis Stockwell.) 24th March: The christening of ARTHUR WRIGHT in the church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. The two boys are: THOMAS, now aged 17 (b.1844), and ROBERT, now aged 13 (b.1848). In the household are the children: THOMAS (b.1844) aged 17, ROBERT (b.1848) aged 13, CHARLES (b.1850) aged 11, ESTHER (b.1852) aged 9, FREDERICK (b.1854) aged 7, WALTER (b.1857) aged 5, HANNAH (b.1859) aged 3, ARTHUR (b.1861), who is aged 2 months (see details above). In the register, the child’s father is now, as above, a ‘Manufacturing Clothier’.23rd December: MARY WRIGHT is buried in Hillingdon. 1854 8th October: FREDERICK WRIGHT, another son for THOMAS and ESTHER, is christened in the church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. ROBERT WRIGHT, now 84, and ‘a retired farmer’, is living in the household of MARY BAYLIS – his daughter, born c.1809. Robert Wright’s birthplace is recorded as ‘Chalfont, Buckinghamshire’. umbrella materials No.11 Aldermanbury Avenue was the sixth on the left, if going towards Philip Lane from Aldermanbury. 1900 4th May: ESTHER WRIGHT (b.1820) dies in Middlesex County Asylum, Wandsworth. She is 79 years of age, and her occupation: March, 1901.His wife is 50, and hails from Mildenhall in Suffolk. (At some stage before 1911, the Wrights move to 46, Crouch Hall Road, Crouch End.) WALTER WRIGHT is 46 and ‘a cotton goods agent’. He is ‘a clothing manufacturer’ His wife, EDITH is 46.Also in the same house are Charles Perry, 23, a plumber, His wife Sarah, 27, and infant son Charles; John Meadows, 29, a cook, his wife Frances, 27, a waistcoat maker, and their son John, aged six – a scholar. 11, Aldermanbury Avenue, London EC2 The family firm, which made shirts for the wholesale trade, is mentioned for the first time in Kelly’s Directory for London. He is still unmarried and still living in lodgings, this time at 209 Isledon Road, Highbury, Islington, London. 1911 Census Records: The Census was taken on the night of Sunday, April 2nd, 1911. Their eldest son, ARTHUR STEPHENSON WRIGHT is 23, ‘a clothing agent’, his sister, EDITH MAVIS, ‘a spinster’, is 19, and his brother THOMAS FREDERICK, is a schoolboy, aged 13.

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