Speed dating rochester new york

Neither were looking for a husband but they were looking for someone to enjoy things like walks, going to movies and spending time together.

“I think a lot of older men are looking at younger women, they get pickier as they get older about looks,” Reid said.

At Rochester's first Senior Speed Dating event in the ballroom of Mario's Via Abruzzi, 15 men and 15 women went searching for love as a reporter from YNN looked on.

Watch the clip broadcast that night throughout upstate New York.

“I used to measure my interest by how well he danced,” she said.

Ann Reid of Vacaville and friend Diane Silver of Suisun City were inching toward the door to leave, thinking Thursday’s event was not what they had bargained for.

“It’s a great idea but maybe they should have broken it down into age groups,” Reid said.

“I’m very nervous,” said Gail Lamkins of Suisun City. ” Lamkins has been a widow for many years and finds herself at this point in life finished with raising her family, independent and questioning what her needs are at this time in her life.

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The film was shown last week at the library “and we had a huge turnout,” she said.

So with the help of the Friends of the Library, the plan was hatched to bring folks together for companionship and maybe some long-term romance. The best of intentions, it seems, could not overcome the notion that women are from Venus and men are from Mars – at least for the 30 or so participants in Thursday’s round of speed dating.

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