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But other big name British universities - including the ‘red brick’ institutions established in major industrial cities - have taken a hit and the UK’s representation among the top 100 has shrunk since the table was first published in 2011.‘Given how important global reputation is in attracting top international talent, collaborations and investment, this is cause for concern.

The UK has some of the world’s biggest university brands: we must protect them.’ Harvard in the US is ranked highest in the table, which is based on surveys of 10,536 academics in 150 countries, followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in second place and Stanford in third.

From 1976 onwards, the all white has generally been punctuated by trim and edgings of blue and gold; the away kit has used the same colours in varying combinations, though for a time red was used sporadically.

That never gained favour with the Elland Road public, for whom the colour was always inextricably linked with the much-despised Manchester United.

In describing one player showing a lot of naked flesh, they said 'it was about a shilling cab fare from the top of his stockings to the nearest portion of his nether garments'." Recognisable team strips started to emerge after the introduction of the FA Cup in 1871.

Dave Moor from uk: "Colours were often those of the public schools and sports clubs with which the game was associated: Blackburn Rovers first wore the green and white of Charterhouse School, while Reading first played in the salmon pink, pale blue and claret colours of the rowing club that spawned them.

The March 2006 edition of the Leeds Leeds Leeds magazine carried a feature on United fan Paul Waite as he prepared to sell his collection of 52 Leeds tops.

The captain was usually very easy to spot, looking captain-like, aloof from the team.

printer friendly version With thanks to For a comprehensive look at all the kits click either City or United.

Leeds United have sported some distinctive kits down the years, especially in the days before Don Revie, and here's a pictorial history of the various colours, sponsorships and badges that have been associated with the club and its precursor, Leeds City.

Elite: The rankings expose a widening gap between a 'golden triangle' of universities in London, Oxford and Cambridge and the rest of UK academia.

Above, Cambridge University, which remains in the global elite Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University College Union, said: ‘The UK continues to punch above its weight on the global stage, but as other countries invest in their universities and move up global league tables, we risk being overtaken.

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