Speed dating for small business

Kathy Scarbrough, owner of Mighty Muscle Cleaning in Birmingham, Ala., served 20 years in information technology in the U. Navy and said the day’s activities were extremely valuable to her as a service disabled veteran, even though her business already has already had contracts with the Veteran’s Administration and General Services Administration.

“Being a service disabled veteran owned business right here right now is a great opportunity, especially for me,” Scarbrough said.

La Tanya Channel, director of SBA Tennessee District, added that it’s important for small businesses to know the process for submitting mentor-protégé agreements, which can be found at https://gov/contracting/government-contracting-programs/all-small-mentor-protege-program/how-apply.

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Plus if it was a great experience for them, then they will tell their friends.

Nash explained that bonds are not insurance but rather a third-party guarantee to a government entity that is required by law that ensures the work will be completed and all bills paid under a contract.

“The only reason you would want one is because you can’t go get the jobs to work to make the money that you know how to do unless you have a bond,” Nash said.

Getting started Choosing a venue Preparing a budget Promoting your speed dating business Community Q&A If you are good with people and enjoy fostering relationships, plus have a desire to go into business of your own, speed dating might be a wonderful combination for your skill set.

In this article, you'll learn how to start a business that focuses on helping people to meet their true love.

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