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Sip & Swap organize a party every month at some really interesting places around the town. This party does not judge you for the clothes you wear, but for the book you bring.

We are also screening a short film from Quint Neon and will have the crew of the short film as well to share their thoughts about it.

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As the siege of the building dragged on, elite commandos were dropped by helicopter onto the roof of the building, the same men who would later blast their way through the centre, ending the stand-off after almost two days of intense fighting.

His face wracked with sobs as he cries for his mother, tiny Moshe Holtzberg has had a miraculous escape: He was inside the Jewish centre stormed by Islamic militants during last week's Mumbai attacks.

Moshe was rushed to safety - drenched in blood - after his nanny found him crying by their bodies.

But by then the militants had killed the remaining hostages, including Holtzberg and his 28-year-old wife, Rivka.

Left, Moshe's parents, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka; and right, the body of a suspected militant lies inside Nariman House after the attacks At a police station on Thursday, Moshe sat clutching a grimy doll surrounded by Jewish volunteers, while Samuel described her horrifying ordeal.

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    Close to 10% of Filipinos live outside the Philippines.

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    But all these measures were intended to protect us from dangers lurking without, not those concealed within. When I began to write my fifth novel, The Intrusions, it was a simple serial killer story set in a backpackers’ hostel in Queensway – but books never go where you want them to.