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It takes five minutes to find anything in the damn thing, but she also has everything in that giant bag.Remember this fact the next time you have a headache, stomachache, cut or runny nose.She also appreciates the little things like when you make the coffee before she’s up or put a home-cooked meal on the table Tuesday nights.

She will have a hissy fit and tell you to “kiss her go-to-hell” if you criticize anything about Mama.Ask yourself if this is worth arguing about for three days because she is quite capable of filibustering.Whether you’re in college or in your 30s, you cannot sleep in the same bed with your sweetheart at her parents’ house.She has shelves of cookbooks and Southern Living magazines, and she is always trying new recipes.She believes the couple that cooks together stays together, so no more piddlin’ around in the evenings — you’ll be doing the chopping and cleaning come supper time.

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    So you wouldn’t need aliens who could predict the thoughts of 1600s Frenchmen.