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All of this is wrapped up in a camp, comical presentation that draws heavily on British drag culture.The game’s full of double entendres, wordplay, sight gags, and general eccentric silliness.Despite the abstractness of the mini-games, they do a good job of capturing the spirit of going on a date.They’re all about awareness – of your client’s date, of the restaurant they’re in, the waiter, all that sort of stuff – and finding that balance between being your real self and presenting an image that matches what you think the other person is looking for.But this isn’t your typical dating sim, so there’s more to it than just picking dialogue options.Over the course of the date, semi-randomised events trigger mini-games – perform well, and the date will go smoothly; don’t, and it’ll crash and burn.

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Sometimes they’ll have a happily ever after, getting married and having kids; other times, things fall apart.Assuming the date wasn’t a disaster, you can instruct the client to ask their date out again, ask them to go steady, or not see them again.Asking them out again is usually the safest option, but each pair can only go out three times before you have to decide whether they’re a match made in heaven.A truthful answer might not be too well received, but lying is a gamble – literally, in that a “Wheel of Misfortune” decides whether you’ll be caught out.A good lie gets the best outcomes, but a bad lie gets the worst ones, so it becomes a question of whether it’s worth the risk.

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