Solveig haugland dating design patterns

Now, look to green patch near the middle of the photo.

That is Stanley Park, a gem in the crown of urban parks.

The tall building just to their left is the Pan Pacific hotel, which is where I stayed on my last two visits to British Columbia.

It's a luxury hotel, more expensive than my taste for paying but just right for my taste for enjoying life.

Because, as with human relations, life -- and data -- are pretty meaningless without tight connections.

You could keep all your information about employees in one enormous table, but there are many reasons not to do that. Also, there could be security issues, as you don't want everyone who has access to address information to have admission to the Social Security number and salary info.

So, you probably want to have your employee data in two separate tables.

For every customer, there are many possible sales, and for every sale, there are many possible items in that sale. You set up the relation the same way by having at least one common field on both tables. Now that you've got tables that are related, you may need to enter more related data into your tables. I've been answering that question, in various ways, all day.

A data entry form that handles this relation process would be nice. I've taken a few breaks to make tea, feed the cats, and make some fleece headbands (long story), but mostly I've been wrestling with table relations and forms.

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