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This study addresses this issue by investigating Kik messenger on Apple i OS devices.

The goal was to locate and document artefacts created or modified by Kik messenger on devices installed with the latest version of i OS, as well as in i Tunes backup files.

Users of imageboards sometimes jokingly acted as if Anonymous was a single individual.

The concept of the Anonymous entity advanced in 2004 when an administrator on the 4chan image board activated a "Forced_Anon" protocol that signed all posts as Anonymous.

Usage of the term Anonymous in the sense of a shared identity began on imageboards, particularly the /b/ board of 4chan, dedicated to random content.

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Anons have publicly supported Wiki Leaks and the Occupy movement.Related groups Lulz Sec and Operation Anti Sec carried out cyberattacks on U. government agencies, media, video game companies, military contractors, military personnel, and police officers, resulting in the attention of law enforcement to the groups' activities.Some actions by members of the group have been described as being anti-Zionist.Individuals claiming to align themselves with Anonymous undertook protests and other actions (including direct action) in retaliation against copyright-focused campaigns by motion picture and recording industry trade associations.Later targets of Anonymous hacktivism included government agencies of the U.

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    The Royal Navy however, will not confirm if in fact it was Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and Cabin Boy Nick Clegg who were at the helm of the run aground submarine.