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Expenses reimbursed under an FSA must be incurred during the member's period of coverage under that FSA: Expenses are treated as having been incurred when the member is provided with the care or service that gives rise to the expenses, not when the member is formally billed or charged or pays for the care or service.

Expenses are not treated as incurred during a period of coverage if such expenses are incurred before the later of the following: 1. the date the member first becomes enrolled in the FSA.

Orthodontic expenses may be reimbursed when actual payments have been made, even if the services have not been rendered.

Orthodontic expenses typically are payable to the orthodontic at the onset of treatment or through an installment-based treatment plan.

You may only change your election during the plan year if you can demonstrate a “change in status.” Only the following events will be considered a valid change in status under Internal Revenue Service regulations: Ordinarily the answer is no.

If the plan was not funded during your leave, claims submitted for expenses incurred during the leave will not be honored.

You will have the option to reenroll and be reinstated in the plan upon your return to work.

If you elect to opt out of the plan, you may submit claims for expenses that were incurred before you went on leave of absence.

You will have a grace period of up until 90 days after the end of the current plan year to submit claims for expenses that were incurred prior to your date of separation.

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