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Remainder of collection is material re Vanderwall’s artexhibit at the Louisiana Acadian Bicentennial (1955-56); three issues of The Federalist, “Labor’s Paper ” (April, 1955), which includes articles re the celebration and reprints of Vanderwall’spaintings; posters of the event. 23 items.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 20BYRON HUMPHREY EDITORIAL CARTOONSAcc. Chaffraix and Champomier & Giraud New Orleansmerchant companies. Banks to Major General Halleck, Commander in Chief, USA, dated Feb 20, 1863, re the “Battle of the Handkerchiefs.” Banksdescribed the event as a “brilliant victory” during which federal troops “captured” 3,000handkerchiefs, 1,000 fans, 600 parasols & parasolettes.

Please enter the Mint through the courtyard facing the French Market.

The colonial document collection includes petitions by slaves requesting manumission,applications by merchants for licenses to conduct business, requests by ship captains forabsolution from responsibility for cargo lost at sea, and requests by traders for permission toconduct business in Europe, the West Indies and British colonies in North America****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 2SPANISH JUDICIAL RECORDSAcc. These requests, usually grantedupon proof of native ancestry, are also a part of the collection.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 3FRENCH MANUSCRIPTS, MISSISSIPPI VALLEYAcc.# 1852.1-40May 7, 1679-Mar 23,1769.5 ln.

ft Includes 1724 Code Noir [1852.1.23], letters patent regulating Superior Council, decrees recurrency values, edict re validating marriages, appointment of La Chaise and Perrault to audit Company accounts, regulation re land concessions, prohibition of governors to imprisonresidents, maritime regulations, proclamation establishing Superior Council of Louisiana,regulations concerning payment of servants, carrying passengers, protection of stores andfirewood; regulation concerning preservation of all notary drafts; letter re tobacco; resolutionuniting Illinois Indian land in Louisiana government; proclamation re establishment of the Company of the West; ordinance granting Louisiana trade to Crozat; declaration re choosingtutors, prohibition of young people to sell their slaves; prohibition of the killing of livestock;regulation re sale of slaves; authorization for the establishment of the Jesuits; regulation for theconcession of land.

Includes some signed promissory notes,receipts, land and slave sales, parts of a succession, and a separation from bed and board.

32folders*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 10 (open record group)5PRAYER BOOKS/MISSALS/PSALTERSVarious acc.

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