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Then press “D” without letting go and you will be frozen in the air!!

😮 Annoying Whistle Cheat- Remove all your clothing and just wear a whistle!!

First, go on a non-chat server, then go to the Night Club and play the DJ3K!! : D Then, click “Tab” and continue to click “Tab” or your arrow keys until the yellow box is around your “Your Home” icon, then press “Enter” and you would be back at home!!

: ) Then press “Tab” until the yellow box is around the “Yes” button of your DJ3K button, then press “Enter” Now at the DJ3K game, make the penguin happy!! : D Now, click the “Close” button, then you will get very few coins!!

: ) You can also click on another spot after letting go and it will look as if invisible snowballs are being thrown from a spot without anyone there!!

Waving Cheat- Press “W” on your keyboard without letting go!!You can control the two penguins at the same time!!😀 This tip is very useful for making funny pictures that requires more than one penguin or checking for Rockhopper’s location within the same server!Now press “W” without letting go and you will make a long and annoying whistle sound that will never stop!!: D Here is how to log on to two Club Penguin Servers at the same time. Then, log in to another penguin different from the first one at

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