Sep intrusion prevention signatures not updating

Jim Phone Man wrote: OK, I removed NIS, ran NRT with reboots and installed NIS 2013 ( which I downloaded from my Norton Account.

Jim On my previous post above I am running Windows 8 Pro.

I have looked back in the history and have found that what looks like a date seems to be older on the first page of the history than a newer date on the other pages.I only saw this when using FF 23 and it had the old Vulnerability Protection disabled.As this addon comes with the IPS defs I located this problem.In-fact, one business user having 8,000 clients had posted a message that he is not going to not going to roll back clients and he shut down all endpoint managers until Symantec issues a fix.So, alternatively I clicked on WHoping to get IE working, I clicked on the IE icon – but again the same error message displayed on the screen.

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