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The insurer is essentially saying, "First do harm.” This either compromises a dentist’s ability to serve a child’s best interests, or makes the dentist somehow game the system to get the patient into an OR.

Around the country, sedating a child for dental work happens up to 250,000 times a year, often with opioids, but even other medications can cause serious problems including death, the Pediatrics paper notes.

Inhalation sedation can help In 1846, a dentist named William T. Morton gave a sulphur-ether compound to a patient about to have oral surgery at Harvard University.

The patient subsequently experienced minimal pain and this served as the origin for anesthetic dentistry. When performed by expert dentists like ourselves, this procedure is completely safe.

When he still couldn’t tolerate the surgery, he was given more Versed.

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However, patients with complex medical problems or unstable medical conditions may not be suitable for treatment under IV sedation.

Our dental team will put you at ease by talking softly and explaining the process to you in full.

Although you may feel a little drowsy, you will stay conscious at all times.

This case is described in broad outline this week in the journal Pediatrics, under a headline that asks a question: “Death after pediatric dental anesthesia. Experts specifically recommend against surgery for childhood tooth decay, but it is often performed anyway.

And extensive baby-teeth cavities demanding intervention, known medically as "early childhood caries" or ECC, are the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States.

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