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Dating violence is defined as when certain violent acts occur between people who are or have been in a “dating relationship,” meaning a continuing romantic or intimate relationship.The length and nature of the relationship, as well as the frequency and type of interactions experienced, are considered when determining whether a dating relationship exists.21.11, includes allegations that a person made sexual contact with a child younger than 17.Sexual contact is defined as, with the intent to arouse or gratify sexual desire: Sexual assault involves the actual penetration of the genitals, mouth or anus by any means.Back to top Child abuse also can be considered a form of family violence under sec. Chapter 71 utilizes the civil Family Code definition of abuse, found in Chapter 261, not the criminal charges defined by Texas Penal Code sec. The Family Code definition is broader than the Penal Code definition.While a purported act that falls under the Family Code’s description may result in a protective order, only an allegation of an act that meets the description in the Penal Code will result in criminal charges.Victims Services Offered by SAPD - The San Antonio Police Department offers a variety of services to victims in need, including information about domestic and family violence and local resources to help victims.

Back to top Family violence accusations can have a broad impact on the accused’s life.If a spouse does not consent to sex, or if sex involves duress, threats or force, a person may face charges of sexual assault.This is often called “marital rape” or “spousal rape.” For either sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art.Any allegation of family violence has an impact on child custody and other issue in family court.At Goldstein, Goldstein, Hilley & Orr, our attorneys have significant experience in dealing with difficult cases.

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