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She’s from Britain, is expecting ,000 to ,000 (£3,250 to £6,500) monthly from a 'sugar daddy’.'Sugar Baby’, 25, is setting the bar even higher with negotiations opening at ,000 to ,000 (£6,500 to £13,000) a month.

Here’s 'Gorgeous’: 23, blonde and indeed – judging by her photo – beautiful.'In the Victorian era it was respectable to marry for security,’ she says.'I was brought up in the hippy era, so for me talking about money was tacky. 'Greed is no longer perceived as a bad thing, and women are admired for being smart, but not necessarily clever. In the digital era people are used to getting things very quickly and they may think, “Why go through the slog of building a career?He took me away to a fantastic, luxurious spa in the Lake District.I used to ring him about business and he gave me great advice.’ There’s also been a businessman in Hong Kong, whom Howarth has never met, but who recently sent her an i Pad.

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