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after serving time his parish priest through guidance and counselling helped him to turn his life around.I chose actor Stephen Dorff this week because last week we looked at the alleged dating history of Ryan Phillippe who was married to Reese Witherspoon, who also happened to date Stephen Dorff. I also chose to look at the alleged hookup history of Stephen Dorff because, well, it’s a pretty damn impressive list. Reese Witherspoon (1994) This was pre-Ryan Phillippe, which also means that she was even hotter than when Phillippe locked her down in marriage. Hookup score: 9.0Once you see the rest of this list, you’ll have no doubt that this actually occurred. Milla Jovovich (1993) This was so far before the Internet was our source for everything celebrity that there isn’t much/any details here. Jessica Alba (1998-1999) Not much reported here (but I did find a photo! Luckily he escaped before J-Love could get him to put one of the three engagement rings she has picked out on her. Hookup score: 10.02003 Jennifer Love Hewitt – it doesn’t get much better.

His hobbies include playing football, basketball, and boxing. He even has acted as a boxer in the move, Walhberg is a Democrat and even contributed to President Obama’s campaign in 2008.

Walhberg has had a few problems with the law the Boston Police Department in his youth and went to prison for assault.

He had an addiction to cocaine and other substances at his tender age.

As an action star, Mark Wahlberg is ready for any trouble that comes his way, but off screen, the father of four admits that there's one thing he's not ready for just yet -- his daughter having a dating life.

The 46-year-old star opened up to ET's Carly Steel at the premiere of his upcoming action epic in Chicago on Tuesday, and he admitted that he's a bit "overprotective" when it comes to his 13-year-old girl, Ella Rae.

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