Red flags for dating

If he’s not open to improvement so everyone’s happy, it’s best to move on.

So, you’ve got the corner office, and he’s still trying to “make it” in an unconventional career path.

According to Katz, many men want to reach a certain place of emotional and financial readiness before settling into that super-committed, long-term relationship.

“He might have been having fun until he was ready to settle down and isn’t necessarily a womanizing terror,” Katz says.

If he talks about keeping track of who unfollows him or compulsively checks his likes without a hint of shame, this man will not survive the apocalypse, or any real world problem. He almost exclusively likes pics of random Instagram models.“If your partner is receptive to exploring your intimacy together, set parameters for how to go about this.Discuss the idea that talking about sexuality and preferences in an intimate way is very different from the physical act of having intercourse.” But note that it’s equally important.Dating coach Evan Marc Katz says the smart, successful 21st-century woman has the tendency to look for flaws early on and nix men quickly—no one wants to waste their precious time, after all.But this habit may lead to you kicking a lot of decent guys to the curb.“There’s this temptation to move faster, but people reveal themselves slowly, over time,” Katz explains, insisting that a dose of discernment can go a long way. We can talk about red flags and generalizations, because there’s no other way to talk about people—but we need to have the wisdom to realize that generalization isn’t always reality.”Let’s practice that sage wisdom.

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